About Java Data Mining Package

The Java Data Mining Package is a library for data mining and machine learning.

Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
jdmp-bsh Plugin to incorporate BeanShell
jdmp-complete Collection of all available JDMP modules in one meta package
jdmp-core Main package of JDMP containing machine learning algorithms and functions
jdmp-corenlp Plugin to incorporate algorithms from Stanford CoreNLP
jdmp-examples Some simple examples how to use the Java Data Mining Package
jdmp-gui Plugin to enable visualization and graphics
jdmp-jetty Plugin to incorporate Jetty web server
jdmp-liblinear Plugin to incorporate classification algorithms from liblinear
jdmp-libsvm Plugin to incorporate classification algorithms from libsvm
jdmp-lucene Plugin to enable text indexing using Apache Lucene
jdmp-mallet Plugin to incorporate text mining algorithms from Mallet
jdmp-weka Plugin to incorporate classification and clustering algorithms from Weka